Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for looking at my blog!

Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for looking at my blog!

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PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOW COMPLETELY RETIRED, SO I'M NO LONGER TAKING ANY WEDDING BOOKINGS. I'M LEAVING THIS BLOG ONLINE IN CASE IT'S OF ANY HELP TO YOU IN PLANNING YOUR WEDDING, BUT I WON'T BE MAINTAINING IT, SO APOLOGIES FOR BROKEN LINKS OR OUT OF DATE INFORMATION! This blog is structured as a series of questions and under each posting, I've provided what I hope will be helpful advice for you in planning your humanist wedding. All of the posts are on one page, but each one has been condensed in size, so to read the full details, just click on the post title or 'read more'. When you get to the end of the post, just click on 'home' to get back to the full page of posts or 'older post' to move on to the next post. If you're interested in a particular subject, you can also click on the list to the right or you can do your own search by using the box below.

I've started with a wee video, so happy viewing, happy reading and happy wedding planning!

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Why should we choose a Humanist Society Scotland Celebrant?

Well, I'm tempted to say because we're the original and the best! And do you know what? We really are! Here's a short video clip explaining why I think the Humanist Society Scotland is the best possible choice you can make for your big day:

And here are a few more reasons to choose a Celebrant from the Humanist Society Scotland:

  • The HSS have many years of experience and were the first to be authorised (way back in 2005) to conduct legal weddings by the Registrar General for Scotland. We are by far the longest standing and most popular provider of humanist wedding ceremonies in Scotland.
  • On Valentine's Day 2017, we were also very proud to become the first ever non-religious organisation to be awarded prescribed status in law by the Scottish parliament. This is recognition of the fact that we are a trusted provider of humanist ceremonies in Scotland and in practice this means that we now have the authority to authorise our own Celebrants to solemnise marriage (and to register civil partnerships). We are the only Humanist organisation in Scotland to be in this privileged position and it means that our Celebrants no longer have to constantly re-apply (every year or every 3 years) for the authority to conduct legal marriages. That removes any uncertainty for you - so when you book your wedding, you never have to worry about whether your HSS wedding Celebrant will have the required legal authorisation on your big day, because they will! 
  • We have an extensive network of Celebrants throughout Scotland (over 120 and counting!) and this means that in an emergency, we can find you a replacement Celebrant (at no extra cost to you). This is part of what we call The HSS Promise.
  • We have a dedicated team of head office staff who can respond quickly to any queries.
  • All HSS Celebrants have to complete an intensive programme of training and mentoring before they are authorised to conduct ceremonies.
  • Our Celebrants also work to a set of standards to ensure consistency and professionalism.
  • We are all covered by Public Liability Insurance.
  • And perhaps best of all, the HSS is a Registered Scottish Charity and we campaign in various ways for a fairer society. This distinguishes us from many other commercial providers of wedding services. Part of the fee from every ceremony goes to support our charity work, such as running our StreetCare projects in Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

So, all in all, you get a fantastic ceremony from a properly trained Celebrant, with reassuring back-up, whilst helping to make the world a better place! What could be better than that?!

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