Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for looking at my blog!

Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for looking at my blog!

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PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOW COMPLETELY RETIRED, SO I'M NO LONGER TAKING ANY WEDDING BOOKINGS. I'M LEAVING THIS BLOG ONLINE IN CASE IT'S OF ANY HELP TO YOU IN PLANNING YOUR WEDDING, BUT I WON'T BE MAINTAINING IT, SO APOLOGIES FOR BROKEN LINKS OR OUT OF DATE INFORMATION! This blog is structured as a series of questions and under each posting, I've provided what I hope will be helpful advice for you in planning your humanist wedding. All of the posts are on one page, but each one has been condensed in size, so to read the full details, just click on the post title or 'read more'. When you get to the end of the post, just click on 'home' to get back to the full page of posts or 'older post' to move on to the next post. If you're interested in a particular subject, you can also click on the list to the right or you can do your own search by using the box below.

I've started with a wee video, so happy viewing, happy reading and happy wedding planning!

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Can you recommend a photographer or videographer?

I'd hesitate to make a recommendation because choosing a wedding photographer is such a personal thing. It doesn't matter what I think anyway - the only important thing is the you feel comfortable with the style and approach of the person who'll be taking your wedding photographs. There are a lot of professionals to choose from and it's worth chatting to a few of them to discuss your ideas and to find out what they have to offer.

The photographers I've worked with locally include:

George Lammie at George Lammie Photographs in Alloa
Mike Cook at mcookphotography in Falkirk
Martin and Elaine Weir at Weir Photography in Alloa
Whyler Photos in Stirling
Jennifer at Jenniflower Weddings in Stirling
Emma Gray at emmagrayphotography in Falkirk
Bryan and Stacey Mr and Mrs M at Picturesque in Falkirk
Rhoddy Stewart at Rhoddy Stewart Photography in Falkirk
Ashley Coombes at in Gartmore near Stilring
John at Corona Photographic in Stirling
Brian and Paula at Crieff Photography
Kirsty at kirstywinfieldphotography in Stirling
Stephen McCluskey in Stirling
Abbie Allardyce in Callander
Graham MacKay at Graham Mackay Photography in Cumbernauld
Stewart Hislop at Bright Yellow Photography in Falkirk
Aileen Stewart at in Stirling
Alastair Jolly at in Falkirk
John Rae at John Rae in Larbert

And not local to this area, but also great wedding photographers and usually happy to travel:

Trevor Wilson at Silver Photography in Bishopton
Ryan and Herculine White at ryanwhitephotography in Edinburgh
Lisa Clelland at Rich Pictures in Glasgow
Nadin Dunnegan at Nadin Dunnigan Photography in West Lothian and Edinburgh
Lana at lanaevephotography in Fife
Suzanne Black at suzanneblackphotography in Fife
Karen and Carly at heyesimages in Renfrewshire
Kirsty and Ross at imagineweddingimages
Bob Dougal at Bob Dougal Photography in Kilsyth
Ewan and Chris at Top Table Photography in Glasgow
Neil Fordyce at Neil Fordyce Photography in Dunkeld
Angus Forbes at AM Forbes Photography in Blairgowrie
Roslyn Gaunt at roslyngauntweddingphotography in Edinburgh

Paul Walker at Paul Walker Images in Ayrshire

The videographers I've worked with include:

Iain Johnston at Wedding Video Services in Crieff
Phil at solarweddings in West Lothian
Mike at rplweddings in Glasgow
Simon Gillespie at cinematiquevideo in Falkirk
Allister and Elaine Gourlay at Gee Whiz in Glasgow
Graham MacKay at Graham's Digital Productions in Glasgow
Billy Graham at Graham Video in Edinburgh
James Strange at Strange Worx

Andy Lenihan at Glasgow Wedding Videos
Martin Trotter at Astro Productions
Sharp Focus at in Alloa
Brian Muldoon Brian Muldoon Photography who now does wedding videos as well as photography

And don't forget that like most Celebrants, photographers and videographers are usually happy to travel, so don't let the fact that one isn't local put you off!

By the way it is of course up to you what you want to do about your guests taking photos during the ceremony. Bear in mind that your professional photographer might have a view on this - many a lovely shot has been ruined by someone stepping right into the aisle with an Ipad!

I usually make an announcement about photos (and about mobile phones) before the ceremony begins. Some couples are quite happy to have their guests snap away throughout the whole ceremony, some prefer to restrict pictures until after the signing and others would prefer their guests not to take any at all. It's up to you! By the way, I can also make your guests promise not to upload any pics to FaceBook (or Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram etc..) before the end of the ceremony (believe me, that's happened!) or until the following day. If you're happy for them to snap away, I can also ask everyone to upload their pictures to your wedding app if you have one. Basically, whatever you want me to say, I'll say it..... including the following when I pronounce you husband and wife:

"You may now update your Facebook status!"

And by the way, I always take a pic or two of my own after the ceremony because I like to have a photo of every couple I marry - it's a lovely keepsake and a very special reminder of the small part I've played in your big day!
(pic by Keath Bank Photography)

Incidentally, in terms of what I wear, I always try to match your wedding colours if I can - or at least to blend and tone rather than clash! 

 While we're on the subject of photos and videos, I've sometimes had couples set up a Skype or FaceTime link on their big day so that guests who can't make it can watch the ceremony live. As with videos and photos, I'm quite happy with that - and I usually have a wee chat with whoever is watching from Canada or Australia or where ever!

And there's nothing wrong with a bit of selfie fun either! 

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