Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for looking at my blog!

Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for looking at my blog!

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PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOW COMPLETELY RETIRED, SO I'M NO LONGER TAKING ANY WEDDING BOOKINGS. I'M LEAVING THIS BLOG ONLINE IN CASE IT'S OF ANY HELP TO YOU IN PLANNING YOUR WEDDING, BUT I WON'T BE MAINTAINING IT, SO APOLOGIES FOR BROKEN LINKS OR OUT OF DATE INFORMATION! This blog is structured as a series of questions and under each posting, I've provided what I hope will be helpful advice for you in planning your humanist wedding. All of the posts are on one page, but each one has been condensed in size, so to read the full details, just click on the post title or 'read more'. When you get to the end of the post, just click on 'home' to get back to the full page of posts or 'older post' to move on to the next post. If you're interested in a particular subject, you can also click on the list to the right or you can do your own search by using the box below.

I've started with a wee video, so happy viewing, happy reading and happy wedding planning!

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What if I get emotional on the day?

No worries! Feeling emotional on your wedding day is natural and I’ll always have tissues at the ready! So far my record is a five hankie wedding by the way! They were all for the bride on that occasion, but actually, it’s often the grooms who go first – so be warned guys! The bride's entry is often the point at which the guys need a tissue: 

(photo by Angus Forbes)

Read on for more on this subject and to view a video clip of one of my weddings.

The emotions can get to you at any time during the ceremony. Mind you, I think Patrick's tears during his marriage to the lovely Alison at the Forest Hills Hotel in Kinlochard were actually tears of joy!

(photo by Alan Hutchison)

He was a very happy boy at the end of the ceremony anyway!

(photo by Alan Hutchison)

And Christine and Kenny's tears at their wedding at the Glenbervie Coach House were definitely tears of laughter:

(Picture by Martin Weir)

Please don't worry about the tears will you? An important part of my job on the day is to reassure you and above all, to help you to relax and enjoy your ceremony! Don't ever forget that I'll 'be there' for you on  the day to guide you through:

(photo of Kyle and Yvonne at their wedding at Broomhall Castle in Menstrie taken by Martin Weir Photography)

This is Joanne and Russell after their wedding at the Roman Camp Hotel and although they look relaxed here, they were both quite emotional during the ceremony too.

Don't they both look splendid in red though? And check that sporran out! Just in case you want a close up, here it is in all it's glory:

As you can imagine, this attracted quite a few funny (and naughty) comments on the day and in fact, the ceremony was full of fun and laughter! The photos for this wedding were taken by Tom and Donna Collins at Stylish Images and the DVD was by Grahams Digital Productions

The following video clip, courtesy of Graham, will give you a feel for the way in which weddings can be both fun and emotional at the same time. By the way, I should point out that the quality of the clip has been significantly reduced to upload it to this blog and that the original is of superbly high definition!

Crying apart, couples often get worried about getting a fit of the giggles during the ceremony. Lots of people giggle when they’re nervous, but you’ll find a humanist ceremony much more relaxed than being in church and if you feel like laughing, that’s great! I think it’s important to inject a bit of humour into a wedding ceremony – it’s all about having fun! The ceremony shouldn't be an ordeal, it should be a really enjoyable part of the day - for you and your guests! This is Birdeen and Karl, below, at their wedding in Doune Castle having a good laugh. For me, this photo really sums up the joy of what was a very relaxed and enjoyable occasion. By the way if there's something to laugh about, you can pretty much guarantee that I won't be able to keep a straight face!

(photo by Stirling based Whyler Photos)

Weddings are so much fun and I just love it when there's some laughter to break the tension - it helps everyone to enjoy the ceremony and turns what you might fear is going to be a nerve racking occasion into one that is relaxed and enjoyable:

 (photo of Claire and David by Tom Collins)

Most couple relax a lot after the exchange of the vows and the signing of the Marriage Schedule and the last part of the  ceremony is all about celebrating:

(pic by Ali Cleary)                  (pic by Jill Porter)

And of course at the end of the ceremony, you'll be ready to celebrate by starting the party with a big hug, lots of confetti and that much needed glass of bubbly!

And all you have to do now is to live happily ever after!!

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